Young children can be viewed as powerful agents of community change and significant players in basic human development. They are in many ways important; lack of proper development initiatives for this important group undermines the ability of self fulfillment at the individual level, community and national level. We as community members seek to venture into the educational system of our country by introducing an innovative technological project titled “COMPUTER EDUCATION PROGRAM” that will be the first of its kind in the region of Victoria Falls. This proposed project seeks to recapacitate the student’s mind by offering a new platform in … Continue reading COMPUTER EDUCATION PROGRAM.


Allow The Business To Be Separate From You. BY STRIVE MASIYIWA. When most entrepreneurs start their businesses, they are usually very small, and even informal. They work hard, usually with the support of family and friends, without any proper salary structures, or regular payments. Sometimes when they borrow money, they are forced to secure such loans using personal assets, like their home. This is common around the world. It can also create serious problems for you, if there is a downturn in the economy, or if something goes wrong. I once went through a very painful experience, when one of … Continue reading ALLOW THE BUSINESS TO BE SEPARATE FROM YOU.