Young children can be viewed as powerful agents of community change and significant players in basic human development. They are in many ways important; lack of proper development initiatives for this important group undermines the ability of self fulfillment at the individual level, community and national level. We as community members seek to venture into the educational system of our country by introducing an innovative technological project titled “COMPUTER EDUCATION PROGRAM” that will be the first of its kind in the region of Victoria Falls. This proposed project seeks to recapacitate the student’s mind by offering a new platform in approaching and solving problems that they currently and are face in the near future academically since all the educational system has been technologically globalised.
Our vision is to make young people successful by imparting quality education through technology and the use of computers to teach will enable school students to experience a new way of learning. This invented program will fully leverage the benefits of information and technology in the schools at a grass root level. The project aims to use computer education to build a computer literate generation by creating a well educated students and society.
“EDUCATION FOR ALL” is the slogan of the 21st Century. As Education being the key for development of any nation, we can say: one of the fundamental requirements for a nation to be a developed one is “Educated People”. Zimbabwe, being a developing country has realized that for development Education is the most important thing. The educated group or the Intellectuals of Zimbabwe are dedicated to provide Education to the children of Zimbabwe. Government organizations, non-government organizations and civic society, are working side by side to develop an educated man power for the nation.
As our country is still going through a situation of financial crisis, substantial funding by the government on Technology Educational programs currently is not reliable. Though, our country believes in Education for all but due to the economic fluctuations, political instability and various other reasons the technology educational programs have not yet reached the people below the poverty datum line. As civic society members we seek to work on a project that will provide technology education to children of our country and region. We are adhering to the motto that education is the building block of a Nation, and the light of technological education should reach those people. We believe that computer literacy is the right of all students with in the educational system of the globe.

We have seen the need for an institute that will facilitate computer education and some other basic programs that will equip young people’s coping mechanism in this fast growing technology world. Children are left behind in technology and this has resulted in most young people failing to simply use a computer machine. There has been a gap in the society and a so-called ‘brain drain’ where large numbers of skilled workers and professionals have left Zimbabwe creating gaps in knowledge and experience in certain sectors. We as young entrepreneurs and community members of Victoria Falls are passionate to introduce a program that will help the young citizens of our community.
We seek to introduce a computer education program to the school and our targeted group is a mature age of children from grade three to grade seven. This program will offer potential to children to change their personal outlook on their abilities, confidence and self esteem. Computers have soon become part of the learning tool in all countries, Zimbabwe is one of the developing countries in the world that has to adopt such a tool hence it is our desire to introduce computer education to young people of today who will soon become tomorrow‘s leaders. This project will help develop the child at an early age for college and university as tertiary level students are required to use computers for their assignments and also as a learning tool. The ability to learn on a computer will open up new ways for children to develop academically as the internet will be readily available. The ministry of education will soon be introducing e-learning to all schools hence the project will help the school prepare its students for such a program.
In overall the project seeks to develop the, the students and the school technically until it reaches the standard level that is required by the Global educational system and the Ministry in the region.


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