Smile Despite The Circumstances And
Laugh Throughout The Pain
Smile despite the circumstances and
laugh throughout the pain. Life is full of
hardships but it is how you deal with
them that will in the end define
you.Though life isn’t fair, and though
life won’t always give us what we
want, when we want, and how we want
it but we must be willing to keep
moving forward towards the life we
dream to see.
Life can be full of disappointment at
any given time, but in order to turn our
lives into the lives we dream for them
to be, we have to be able to make the
disappointments that fall in front of us
a stepping stones to reaching our
dreams. It may be tempting to live a
life traveling the path of least
resistance. It may seem easy to just
take the easy road, and avoid being
disappointed by just settling for a
stable, easy life, but this certainly is
not reality. The paths with no
resistance, and no challenges in the
way, will be the paths that lead to
nothing, while the paths that challenge
us, will lead to great reward.


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